Praise & Worship ministry

Praise & worship is one of the major ministries at LWAC. We believe in the power of the praise and worship.

We have a wonderful praise & worship team (worship leaders, singers & musicians) who are working hard to improve themselves to be able to offer a sacrifice of praise to God who is worthy to be praised.

Sunday school ministry

Serves children from age 2 to 12 in two classes. We have an annual course to teach the children from with our friendly & caring Sunday school teachers.

Youth junior ministry

Aged from 12 to 18 having a weekly youth group where they are having worship, bible study & discussion.

Youth ministry

The older youth are having a meeting fortnightly where they spend time in worship, sharing, message & fellowship.

Couples ministry

The couples meet monthly in a very romantic informal atmosphere worshiping, getting teaching about their relationships & how to build a healthy Christian house, asking questions & fellowshipping.

Discipleship school

Every Sunday the people who have ministry at the church gathered one hour before the service to be discipled & equipped for their ministries.

Prayer & intercession groups

The Church believed in the power & the effectiveness of prayer. Therefore we have two prayer meetings a week one for the women and one for the men and a monthly public prayer meeting.

Media ministry

The Christian Media now is one of the most powerful tools in the Christian ministry. You can reach millions of Arabic speaking people all over the world through the Christian channels.

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